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Insertech offers remote technical support to small businesses, whether for-profit or in the social economy, who face challenges such as ensuring their IT security with employees who are remote working, backing up their data properly, supporting their teleworking employees, helping them implement collaborative tools, etc.

Your organization has major needs in terms of IT security and technological support. You've implemented remote working without any prior knowledge of the potential risks or mitigation measures. Many of your employees use their personal (or even family) computers to process strategic company files. They access your corporate network in an unsecured way, fail to update or back up, use unsecured platforms to share information...

Insertech can help you diagnose your needs in terms of IT security and remote working, recommend simple solutions and support your employees when they encounter technical problems in implementing solutions.

Hourly rate :

140 $/h

Net prices, no labor tax.

Installation of computer networks

with advanced technologies

Implementation of cloud computing networks

Azure, Office 365, AWS, Google Workspace, OVHCloud

Cloud migration  

for your e-mails, file servers, etc.

IT security

for your e-mails, networks, etc.

Cloud backup

for your data


in cybersecurity
and Microsoft 365

Technical support

On site and online

License sales

Cloud Microsoft 365,
antivirus, etc.

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Cloud solution, Microsoft 365 license, etc.


Web hosting, servers and cloud solutions.


Firewalls and cybersecurity.


Firewalls and cybersecurity.

Dell Canada

Servers and networking equipment



La Puce

Microsoft 365 training


Email cybersecurity, Cloud firewall


Cybersecurity training

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